Tiger Gameday – Week 6

Last Game: Hutchinson 20 Becker 7

Game Recap: The Defense played one of their best games of the season allowing 0 points and only 152 yards to the Bulldogs. Beckers only TD, came off a Kickoff Return TD. Hutchinson played steadily offensively getting two TD runs from Colin Nagel, and one from Tristan Hoppe to provide the winning scores.

Current Record: 4-1

This Week’s Opponent: Rocori (5-0, Defending State Champions)

About the Opponent: Rocori has played exceptionally well on defense this year, as the Spartans have allowed only about 12 points per game. Their offense hasn’t been great as they haven’t blown anyone out this year, and their high water mark for scoring is 28 points. Rocori’s Offense is led by WR Tucker Haakonson, and passing is the Spartans best weapon offensively.

Key Hutch Players: Anyone who blocks Offensively. Yeah that’s kind of a bit vague but it is key. Rocori will try and sneak 9 players in the box on a lot of plays. They’re out to stop the Hutch Run game. Blockers need to keep to their assignments, find a way to execute, and get the Hutch ball carriers out in the open. It’s kind of a risk-reward thing for Rocori. The Reward is stopping the Hutch run…the Risk is, if Hutch can get someone behind that box…They are gone!

4 Downs/Storylines:
First Down: COLD…The forecast is only calling for a high of 29 degrees on Gameday, so needless to say it’s not going to be the best of conditions. Yes, there is turf so that will help footing. BUT…you have to take care of things in the cold. Snapping the ball, RB’s Hold that ball tighter, prevent turnovers. And vise versa, can your defense cause some turnovers.
Second Down: 2 point Conversions. I think this might be the first time I’ve ever said this is a key on this article, but according to the coaches, it will be. With Rocori having played so many close games…with both teams defenses the strength of their team…it may come down to a 1 or 2 point game. Which makes conversions important. Hutch has been good on conversions this year, can that continue?
Third Down: Defend the Rocori Pass. Passing is the Spartans strength of their team. Now passing in cold weather is a lot more difficult…not impossible…but difficult. If Hutch can slow down their pass, that forces the run game to step up. And as of this typing, No Rocori Runner has rushed for over 200 yards in the season.
th Down/Quick Hit Keys: Rocori has Seniors starting at 19 of 22 positions tonight. Nice to have that experience back from a state title team…Tonight is the first game at the newly renovated field at Rocori. It was LITERALLY completed Wednesday, as in yesterday. It’ll be the first time for the Spartans on their new field.

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