Health Care Workers at Hutchinson Health Get Vaccine


HUTCHINSON, Minn. – Health care workers at Hutchinson Health received some of the nation’s first COVID-19 vaccines, marking a momentous milestone in the fight against the pandemic.

Officials say Amy Schmidt was the first person at the hospital to receive the preventive shot.

Research has shown that the two-dose vaccines coming to market are close to 95 percent effective at preventing COVID-19.

In addition, large-scale clinical trials involving tens of thousands of people found the vaccines to be very safe.

“I’m optimistic that with the arrival of these vaccines, we’ll start to move past the worst of this pandemic,” said Jim Lyon, president and CEO of Hutchinson Health. “Our care teams are the first recipients, which offers great relief to our health care system. But more importantly, in the near future, they will be widely available.”

The vaccines that are now available to health care workers and long term care residents won’t be available to the broader public for many months. Jim Lyons along with other state and federal health officials, urge everyone to continue following infection prevention best-practices including social distancing, masking, frequent hand-washing and other measures. “As we work toward herd immunity through vaccination, we need to continue our prevention efforts,” Lyons said.

The Pharmacy team, Gina Jennissen and Renae Dorn, wrapped our cooler of vaccines as a Christmas present, as these vaccines offer hope as we all fight this pandemic together (see photo below).


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