Meeker County Scam Alert


Late last week, the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office and Litchfield Police Department received multiple reports of a local scam and the public is urged to use caution.

The information learned is that the victim receives a call from an individual who tells the victim their family member was involved in an accident.

The caller tells the victim their family member needs money to keep them out of legal trouble. The caller directs the victim to retrieve cash and directs the victim they are not allowed to tell anyone what they are doing. Once the victim has the money they are to call back so the caller can pick up the money.

In the cases reported, someone then has shown up at the residence of the victim to collect the money. One victim is out $12,000 as a result of this scam.

One victim said the caller identified himself as a local Litchfield Attorney.

Meeker County Sheriff Brian Cruze says he’s concerned at the brazen level this scam has reached with the thieves going directly to local homes.

The Sheriff says this current scam is targeting the senior population.

Sheriff Cruze urges local banks to be aware as the victims are cashing checks and withdrawing large sums of cash at the direction of these thieves.

Anyone who has been the victim of this scam or if you are aware of a family member who has been targeted in this scam, is encouraged to call and report the incidents.

Anyone with any information on who may be responsible for the thefts is also encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office. Meeker County Dispatch 320-693-5400  Meeker County Confidential Tip Line 320-693-5411.


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